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Why Study in Canada?

Why Study in Canada?

Canadians place incredible significance on learning, and have built up a top notch instruction framework with elevated expectations. The nation spends more on instruction (as a rate of GDP) contrasted with the OECD normal, and is the second most astounding among G-8 nations.

Canadian young people reliably rank among the best on the planet on worldwide tests of perusing, science and math - a demonstration of the remarkable nature of Canadian schools. A Canadian degree, confirmation or endorsement is all around respected in business, government and scholarly circles the world over.

One of the Best Places in the World to Live 

Canada has positioned as one of the main ten spots to live on the planet since 1994 as indicated by the United Nations (UN) and the Economist Intelligence Unit. In the UN study Canada earned especially high stamps for its entrance to instruction, high future (because of widespread social insurance framework); and low wrongdoing and viciousness rates. Likewise, Canada's biggest urban communities - Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal - have been perceived as world class urban areas in which to live and work, for their cleanliness and security and for their social exercises and appealing ways of life.

Exclusive requirement of Living 

Canadians appreciate a way of life among the most noteworthy on the planet. Just about 70 for each penny of Canadians possess their own particular homes, with a higher rate owning strong merchandise, for example, autos, iceboxes, clothes washers, TV, phones and radios. Canada likewise has a broad medicinal services framework and government managed savings system.

Media, diversion and aesthetic attempts are all around created in Canada. Canada's exceedingly modern TV framework incorporates more than 1,900 AM and FM radio stations and exactly 1387 TV channels to serve, captivate and teach the listening and survey crowd. An extensive variety of social exercises is additionally accessible, including exhibition halls, displays, live theater, move and music exhibitions and shows.

Inviting Environment 

Canada has generally been a nation of workers and has an arrangement of empowering multicultural differing qualities. In this lively setting, alternate points of view are regarded and adapting together is empowered.

All of the world's ethnic gatherings are spoken to in Canada. Thus, most ethnic nourishments and recreational exercises connected with particular societies are accessible in Canada. Clubs, casual clubs and affiliations speaking to a huge number of ethnic foundations are likewise effectively open. Universal understudy consultants at schools can help understudies contact such gatherings.

All major urban focuses have an assortment of shopping centers, eateries, theaters, workmanship displays and exhibition halls. Canadian urban communities give various stops, plants and shorelines for open use, and additionally fantastic games and diversion offices

Lovely Environment 

Canadians put a high esteem on their common habitat. There are at present 42 national parks and national park saves in Canada. National parks are situated in each area and domain, and some have been perceived as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Every region and domain has additionally assigned territories as common parks, wild ranges, environmental and nature saves. There are more than 2000 of these assigned territories over the country.*

Understudies who come to Canada will witness a standout amongst the most lovely, common habitats on the planet. Canada is likewise a nation of different topography, and there is much to involvement in its extraordinary outside: from the lavish coastline of British Columbia, the lofty Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the enormous skies of the prairies, to the 'maple sugar nation' in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence and the rough slopes and beautiful coastline of the Atlantic areas.

* National Parks Board and the Federal Provincial Parks Council. 

A Safe Place To Study 

Canada is thought to be a moderately serene, protected and precise nation. Its vicious wrongdoing rate diminished for ten sequential years from 1993 to 2003. Not at all like its US neighbors toward the south, guns are entirely controlled and by and large are not allowed.

Worldwide understudies who come to Canada ought to take after the same judgment skills wellbeing precautionary measures as they would anyplace on the planet. Understudies can contact any Canadian Education Center to take in more about individual wellbeing, or go to a security introduction session at their school upon their entry in Canada.

A High Tech Country 

Canada is an empowering situation in which to work together and to learn, because of the commitments of numerous brilliant and capable researchers, scientists and business visionaries. The nation is a universal pioneer in PC and data advances and has a notoriety for greatness in such segments as information transfers, transportation and designing; and particularly, aviation, urban transport, microelectronics, therapeutic gadgets, propelled programming, hydroelectric and atomic force, lasers and opto-hardware, biotechnology, sustenance and drink handling, geomatics; and sea and natural businesses.

High focuses in Canada's information transfers industry incorporate Teleglobe's CANTAT 3 link, which is the first of its kind on the planet, and which underpins fast and high-limit conveyance of transoceanic, interactive media transmission. The Stentor Alliance of phone organizations contributed $8 billion to give the most recent in broadband innovation to 80 for every penny of Canadian family units. Canada was additionally among the first on the planet to perceive the need to interface schools and libraries to the Internet, and its SchoolNet project is being replicated far and wide. Industry Canada's SchoolNet has effectively made Canada the main country on the planet to interface its schools and libraries to the Information Highway

A Bilingual Nation 

Canada is a bilingual nation with two authority dialects, English and French. Most by far (75 for each penny) of Canada's French-talking tenants live in the territory of Québec, which is situated in the eastern part of the nation yet there are French-talking groups all through the nation.

As per a 2001 statistics, French is the native language of 81 for every penny of Québec's populace and is talked at home by 83 for each penny of Québecers.

Universally, it is evaluated that more than 1 billion individuals communicate in English and more than 250 million communicate in French. As a bilingual country, Canada offers predominant English as a Second Language (ESL) and French as a Second Language (FSL) programs for understudies wishing to learn either or both dialects.

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